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  1. thank you, finally somebody who understands me I wish i could do that BUT NOPE I HAVE THE WORST FU##ING PARENTS AND BULLIES EVER SO FLIP THEM!!! WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS?!?!?!? I WISH I COULD HANG MYSELF AND DIE!!!!

    1. Dear Dawn,

      Honestly I have complicated feeling while reading the comment. I do understand you, and others who might also suffer now (midnight in my timeZone), but I also feel deeply sorry, not only for you and others, but also for myself.

      I am tired of pretending to be positive and smiling everyday, so that I created this panel. I guess you might be in the same situation. Personally I think, it is not at all important whether we look positive or not, what we need most right now is to find calmness inside ourselves. Try finding a way to reach that inner peace – before we are prepared to be – positive again.

      I wish these words could help you a little bit, and I also have some thoughts on how I should direct my comics in future.

      Take care.


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